We are here to help!

What are your Piercing Prices?

Our Piercing Prices can be found on our website here: Prices

Are you open just to shop?

Yes, you can shop in person! We help everyone in order of arrival. Just scan the QR code to get in line.

How do I remove my (or my child's) flat back earring?

The gem or front unscrews from the post. Hold the post and turn the gem to the left when facing the jewelry. A rubber glove can help get a better grip. We use a tool to hold the post available in store or online here: Hemostat

Do I need to wait in line if I just need something removed or changed?

We help everyone in order of arrival. We have implemented a new digital system that allows you to wait in a virtual line wherever you are. You will get a text when it is your turn!

Can you explain your pricing?

Jewelry is priced PER PIECE and not as a set. It is important to note that this includes the flat back posts. We sell the fronts individually as, oftentimes, customers will have a single piercing and not need the second piece. Our posts come in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone's anatomy. These are not included in the price of the threaded ends because you have the option of Titanium or 14k Gold. We only use the highest quality, implant grade body jewelry.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

We can install any jewelry purchased from 101 Piercing into your healed piercings. New piercings require brand new jewelry purchased at the time of your piercing. We cannot pierce with or install any outside jewelry.

Can I bring my niece? Can I sign something in advance for my teenager?

All minors must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian. ID is required for both the parent and child from 0-18 years old. We can accept a birth certificate, passport or school ID for children without Driver's Licenses or State IDs. We require a birth certificate if the parent and child do not have matching last names. Legal Guardianship paperwork is required for those scenarios.

What age restrictions are in place for piercings?

We are only piercing ages 10 and up. Minors will need to have an ID with them to get their ears pierced, along with proper identification for the accompanying parent. Please see our ID Policy for a list of acceptable options.

I have a piercing bump/irritation. Is it infected?

This is common on new piercings and is often from exposure to soap or chemicals. Be sure to rinse with saline and water only and dry moisture with q-tips, do not allow to air dry. Maintain this routine for as long as possible to ensure proper healing. Check the Info tab for more aftercare!

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. The Department of Health does not allow returns or exchanges on any form of body jewelry.

I placed an online order that says it will ships in 4 weeks, do you have an update?

We carry many items from Body Vision Los Angeles that require a special order. Because each item is hand made, these orders generally take 4 weeks for us to send them to you. Unfortunately, we do not get updates on orders until we recieve your item.